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what our clients have to say

I have been diabetic and hypertensive for the past 10 years and was on many different types of medications until I read an article from the African Insight written by Dr Asenso in 2005. This particular article described how one could naturally heal himself from diabetes without using any drug medications. I had severe pitting on my thighs with minimal pressure and I had some burning sensation in both feet. My glycosylated hemoglobin A1C was between 13.7 and 14. This simply meant my blood sugar was simply poorly controlled. Since my health was deteriorating and I had no other better choice, I decided to seriously follow Dr Asenso’s program. I became a vegan and that was the turning point for my healing. My hemoglobin A1C has gone down from 14 to 7 and the swelling in my feet and thighs are all gone. This is simply unbelievable but the simple fact is that I feel much better and will continue to be more responsible for my health. I pray that you continue to do your good work.

From TS – Culppeper, VA

I first of all want to thank God and you Dr. Asenso for helping me to get my health back. During the early part of 2001 I had the following medical problems: severe malignant hypertension (BP – 230/110), severe back and severe sexual dysfunction which I did not want to disclose to anyone. I was on multiple medications for my blood pressure and back pain, but these medications did not give me any relief. I kept going from doctor to doctor hoping to get some relief but all to no avail. In 2003, the pain in my back was so incapacitating that I was even contemplating surgery, but this time wanted to go to Europe to have back surgery. As I was making travel plans to go to Europe, a friend of mine advised that I see Dr Asenso because he has been helping many people get relief from their chronic diseases with his diet and lifestyle program. I was initially reluctant to seek consultations from Dr Asenso, because I did not believe in the healing from nutrition and plus I did not want to give up my meat, especially the chicken and fish. But I was glad that I did, because when I adopted the program for 2 months, my blood pressure came down to normal and my severe back pain was gone in 3 months. And the best thing that ever happened to me was that I became sexually functional and at the moment I am not taking any prescribed medications. With the diet change and the good herbal supplements that Dr Asenso recommends, I feel 20 years younger. I am no longer constipated and I feel like a human being now. I would recommend your unique program to anyone that really wants to heal himself. Thank you sooooo much.

From AK – Virginia

I want to thank God and you Dr. Asenso for helping me heal. I was diagnosed with breast cancer – Ductal Carcinoma in situ roughly 2 years ago. Before the diagnosis I had undergone two surgical procedures where lumps had been removed from my breasts. With the last surgery, I was told that all the tumors had been removed but roughly a year later, the mammogram I had revealed a very large tumor which was diagnosed to be cancerous. Surgery and chemotherapy were recommended, but I refused. I had seen my friend die of breast cancer treatments in the hospital With this diagnosis, I could neither eat or sleep and at this time I had to listen to everything that Dr. Asenso recommended. Before my diagnosis, I was not very serious with the information I received from his seminars. I received a lot of encouragement from Dr. Asenso and he also adviced me to have absolute faith in God. This I did and together with the various programs, diet change – vegan and good herbal supplements, I still have both breast, have never lost a day at work and living a happy life. Another benefit for following Dr. Asenso’s simple natural programs is that I have lost about 35 pounds and feel like a teenager. I now believe in the Genesis 1:29 diet and I now also understand the healing powers of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Thanks a million times for the wonderful work that God is using you to do for His children.

M. A - Ghana