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Oct 29
Oct 29


There is too much Food in Ghana's Evergreen environment but many Ghanaians are Malnourished and are still hungry. What is wrong with this picture? Some possible reasons The current system of education for the younger generation on Nutrition is deliberately designed to make you hungry and sick! The nutritional education... read more →
Oct 29

Are You A Healthy Individual?

If you are really a HEALTHY individual you will be having the following characteristics!1. You would be elastic that is you move spontaneously!2. You will have bright eyes3. You are hopeful4. Will have a joyful countenance5. Will be having a cheerful voice and6. Your spiritual health will be increasedPlus;Your palms... read more →
Oct 29

What Really Causes Cancer?

The Great Controversy in Action: If you take the Word of God out of the educational curriculum for health / diseases, then you may be seriously blind to believe that the cause of Cancer for any person is not known. Christians who fail to compare what they study with the... read more →
Oct 29
no meat

Let Meat Entirely Alone

( Spiritual food for YOU!) Again I refer to the diet question. We cannot now do as we have ventured to do in the past in regard to meat-eating. It has always been a curse to the human family, but now it is made particularly so in the curse which... read more →
Feb 03

How Do People Really Get Sick?

Let God Open Your Eyes Filth or Toxins or Poisons in the Human Body Causes all Diseases!!! FACT: Malaria / Malaria-like Symptoms is Caused by Filth in the LIVER! (And NEVER caused by the Mosquito or by the Plasmodium) What are the Types of Toxins? Mental Toxins from the school... read more →
Jul 01

There is hope for Ethel ( diagnosed with SCD)

A young girl of seven who was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) at the age of one and half months old. Is SCD curable? Introduction: Did you even believe that an individual diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) at the age of  one and half months, who could barely... read more →
Jul 01

I am getting too worried about the Ebola

(The Bow Tie Virus disease) sting. The info media is scaring the world with the news about the spread of EBOLA (The Bow Tie Virus Disease) as if it is going to kill everybody on the planet. I have nicknamed the ebola virus as“The Bow Tie Virus Disease” because it... read more →
Jul 01

Malaria is filth in the Liver

The Lord is good all the time and He reveals hidden truths to his Children at the right time and hour. By His divine revelations and through serious natural healing practice, Health Talk Ltd and Dr Emmanuel Kwame Asenso ND NP have now discovered a natural cure for MALARIA which... read more →