There is too much Food in Ghana’s Evergreen environment but many Ghanaians are Malnourished and are still hungry. What is wrong with this picture?

Some possible reasons

The current system of education for the younger generation on Nutrition is deliberately designed to make you hungry and sick! The nutritional education is from borrowed culture and also foreign! 
Many of the people teaching you nutrition are also malnourished and hungry!

The younger generation today are no longer friends with nature. They have no idea about the indigenous Ghanaian cultural foods!
The younger generation have forgotten their culture and history about the good cultural habits on diet and health.

The culturally sensitive meal preparation is lost and junk food preparation is the order of the day everywhere. Junk food consumption = junk brain development! Remember you are what you eat!.

Many Ghanaian youth simply do not know how to Eat to Live. They do not also know they have to first eat their locally grown foods – preferably organic.
Who allowed GM foods into the country?

If you are serious and you want to have a healthy family, start going organic and local with what you consume as food and also learn how to prepare your own meals without the use of toxic additives! 

Manyanoha – Eye Nkwa Asem

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