Why Choose Health Talk Limited ?

Primary prevention, a key level in disease prevention is given minimal attention in the healthcare sector.  Less time is spent with the patient when they are confronted with diseases; let alone spending time to educate them! Whilst in the USA health practitioners spend between 10 – 15 minutes in seeing a patient, the primary care providers in Britain spent only 8 minutes.  This very short time simply does not allow room for any form of health education.  There will be a significant drop in morbidity and mortality rates if effective practical health education is given to people in the community.  The well informed health conscious community will make informed health decisions if they are aware of the causes of diseases and would be able to take steps to help decrease the incidence of preventable.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Vegan/Vegetarian nutrition and Family Health Counseling for all (chronic) diseases (Diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, arthritis, gout, autoimmune diseases, various cancers, heart diseases, reflux/stomach acid, etc)
  • Weight management using the ABLE Diet and Lifestyle Program
  • General detoxification
  • Liver health
  • Colon health
  • Reflexology
  • Exercise Center
  • Sauna-Dual Force Infrared
  • Dark Field Microscopy
  • Immune system building before and after surgery to prevent diseases
  • Promoting and maintaining health
  • General health seminars and health program development for all age groups
  • Health seminars using biblical and true scientific principles (for churches and social groups).
  • Supplements for the ABLE Diet and Lifestyle Program
  • ABLE Kitchen – The all natural vegan meal preparation
  • Therapeutic Massage