HTL is a business entity devoted to offering natural and holistic practical solutions in health matters to the communities (schools, children, churches, and other social groups). The main focus is disease prevention using naturopathic principles, health promotion and health maintenance. HTI understands the natural approaches to curing of all the chronic killers’ diseases of mankind.


Dr. Emmanuel Kwame Asenso

Health Talk Inc was founded by Dr. Emmanuel Kwame Asenso (ND NP INC BC).

Dr. Asenso, an experienced naturopath, who also understands evidence based conventional medicine and has been in the healthcare industry for at least 25 years.  Dr Asenso is a serious Christian who understands that healing and the power to heal are the incomprehensible attributes of God.  As a holistic/alternate health practitioner Dr. Asenso applies the natural laws of healing designed by God when addressing all health problems without the use of invasive techniques.  He believes all individuals have the ability to heal themselves if and only if the necessary nutrients are provided to the body.  Dr Asenso understands the application of the Biblical healing principles supported by true science in addressing health problems.  His training in nursing, primary/family medicine as well as in holistic vegan nutrition and in naturopathy has equipped him with the knowledge and wisdom from God to help people heal from all kinds of illnesses.  As an international healthcare consultant and provider, Dr Asenso has worked in Ghana, Cote Divoire and the USA.

“Before I became a naturopath, I used naturopathic and Biblical nutritional principles to heal myself completely from some serious health problems.  Refer to my healing journey for my testimony.” – Dr. Asenso