The world today and the great controversy! There is too much fallacy taught in the world today that many people including Christians and many professionals are not even aware that the majority is not the proof of truth. If too many people are doing the same wrong thing, it does not mean they are right! The great controversy has come about as a result of the two types of teachers whose actions and instructions are simply antagonistic in nature!

While Jesus through the Bible says believe in God, follow the physical laws of life and cure yourself of any lifestyle disease, the world through satan has programmed many people to remain chronically sick with contradictory advice such as “oh you have diabetes, you can’t cure it, you can only manage it! Such bad advice from Satan is making many unsuspecting Christians sick and suffering, because such Christians are not taking their Bible serious, do not believe in the Spirit of prophesy, the present truth and true science!

If you are a serious Christian who is very conversant with your identifying mark, you will believe in the commandments of God and also keep the testimonies of Jesus Christ! The testimonies of Jesus as explained in the Bible = the Spirit of prophesy! Review the following Bible verses below and you will begin to understand the great controversy about disease, your healing and why many people will never heal if they go the world’s way. 
And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. Mathew 9:35

So is there no hope for Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) patients as I was told two years ago in Washington DC by some healthcare experts when I went to share with them my work with SCD patients? If you are reading this information and you know anyone with SCD, encourage him/her to come to Health Talk Ltd and surprisingly he/she will be cured! Do not conform to the world with its deception; run to God and thou shall be made whole again!

Pray to God for the Holy Spirit to open your eyes so that you will be able to identify all the survival skills for the complete cure of any of the lifestyle disease that you have. It is a plain myth to believe that one cannot cure diabetes or arthritis or heart disease. The China Study by Dr. Campbell clearly says diet alone can cure such lifestyle diseases! But why is the world teaching otherwise – The Great Controversy about healing?
And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. 2 Pet 2:2

Remember that it is your daily routines that will either make you healthy or sick. If your set ways are wrong you are bound to be sick and vice versa! Take a critical look around you, from the way we communicate, our makeup, what we eat as food, educational system, etc. are all seriously based on borrowed foreign culture and until we develop a culturally sensitive blue print for our health, we will continue to suffer in an evergreen environment. Remember in an evergreen environment you do not have to suffer from a lifestyle disease. The reason why almost every Ghanaian you meet out there is sick is partly because Nature Study has been visibly cut out of the various school curriculum. Where are the Ghanaian culturally sensitive blue prints for development? Your guess is as good as mine, we do not have one and until we develop our own blue prints Ghana will continue to retrogress in its growth for better health and also in all aspects of its national growth and development. The system is surely designed to make you sick, so your first divine responsibility is to learn to take care of yourself irrespective of your profession or trade – Gods way! Cut the bible from the school system where morals could be taught and you expect people to be morally sound?! When you take the commandments of God from the school system corruption will continue to grow! Is Ghana really independent?

 Manyanoha – Eye Nkwa Asem!

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  1. You don't drive a car without learning the
    road laws, just like you can't foul indefinitely
    in basketball or any sport for that matter.
    Surfing is no different. The following explains the Rules
    of the Wave every beginner surfer must know to avoid severe stink-eye or possibly being put in the 'kook' penalty box.

    Rules of the waves
    1- Right of way: the surfer that catches a wave closest to its peak (the steepest part of the wave that is closest to the curling lip or otherwise breaking whitewater) has the right of way.
    So if two or more surfers are paddling for the same wave and heading
    in the same direction the surfer on the 'inside' usually has priority.* If you drop into a
    wave in a crowded line-up, it's best to give a quick glance to make sure no one is behind you.

    If someone is in front of you then it's customary to alert them to get off your wave by shouting a loud-owl-like 'whooooo-oooooo'.
    Yelping 'heyyyyyyy' works fine too. My personal choice
    is the standard 'yyyyyhhheeeeeeeuuuu'.

    Just make sure its loud enough to hear and no matter what, if you call someone off a
    wave you had better commit to catching it. Nothing screams Kook Alert like hesitation.

    2- Paddling Out: A surfer paddling out must always yield to the surfer riding a
    wave, even if that means taking a lip on the head
    or suffering a beat down from some soupy whitewash.
    If its clear you can scramble to the safety of the shoulder
    of an oncoming wave without jeopardizing the surfer's ride, then go for it.

    But the default move is to head straight for the inside of the wave
    towards the whitewash and let the surfer riding have the right of way
    to the shoulder. Nevertheless, its important
    to be as decisive and obvious as possible in which direction you are paddling to advise the surfer which path to take on the wave.

    There is nothing more frustrating then a paddling surfer ruining a wave
    for another by getting stuck in analysis paralysis.
    Pick a direction (preferably towards the inside of the wave) and stick to
    3- Right or Left: When a wave breaks in both directions this
    is called an A-frame. To avoid confusion, call out in which direction you plan on going ahead
    of time. In other words, if you are paddling for the
    left, holler out “Going left' loud and clear. It's customary for surfers to 'split' waves when possible to allow one surfer to go right and the other left, and appreciated by everyone still waiting for a wave.

    * Paddling Around: This important Code of Conduct is often ignored but equally important. Nothing irks a surfer more than getting 'snaked'. However, just as bothersome is the Paddle-Jockey. When entering a line-up or immediately after catching a wave its good practice to position yourself further towards the rear or side of the line-up. While it generally goes unspoken, wave priority is often based on who has been in position waiting the longest. Paddling around a group of surfers to position oneself closest to the peak is the equivalent of dropping-in to most surfers, and often the source of resentment against longboarders.

    Follow the rules and you'll have a enjoyable surfing
    Note: This rule does not apply at extremely crowded spots. Get your waves anyway possible! Nor do Brazilians typically obey regardless:)
    Written by Michael H Russell owner of The Nice Rack
    This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Beginner's Guide to Surfing 

    This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Nice Rack  

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